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  Frequently Asked Questions - HOTELIERS


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Why do we need Public Internet Kiosks ?

Surveys show that while a majority of hotels are now equipped with hi-speed/wi-fi internet access , the majority of guests at hotels do not bring laptops or personal PC's while they travel. Cyberdon provides the solution with which guests can connect at an affordable rate, and hotels can earn the favor of their patrons.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Cyberdon provides its services at absolutely no cost to your business. Everything from the installation of the kiosk to the internet connection is covered on our end. In fact, Cyberdon pays you a percentage of the revenue for allowing our terminals to be in your place of business.

What is the difference between the Cyberdon Internet terminal and a Kiosk?

Cyberdon internet terminals are customized to be integrated with the decor of any hotel. Our e-services go above and beyond regular internet access. We provide a wide array of software usually found in both home and office computing setting: word processing, spreadsheets, the latest in popular video games, and printing capabilities.

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely. Customers will find our terminal interface very simple to navigate through, making their computing experience all the more enjoyable. Business owners will benefit in knowing that the terminal requires little to no upkeep or maintenance on their part.

What types of payment does the terminal take?

Our terminals accept coins ($1 and $2), most major credit cards (AMEX, VISA, JCP, Mastercard), and pre-paid access codes.

What services are available?

E-Mail, Web Browsing, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Gaming.

Is the terminal secure?

Yes, all of our terminals are equipped in the latest in anti-spam, antivirus, and pop-up blocker software. All of the terminals are remotely updated from our head offices.

What if there is a problem with connection or a flaw in the software?

Cyberdon offers a tech support line and e-mail address for quick maintenance turnaround. All of the terminals are monitored via a remote network, allowing for flaws in the system to be flagged down and contained immediately. Customers will not experience long spans of downtime before accessing the internet.

What if the terminal gets damaged? What happens if the keyboard or mouse needs replacing?

It is inevitable that, with wear and tear, the terminal, and especially the hardware, will be damaged. Should this occur, Cyberdon will gladly replace any peripherals, hardware, and software, free of charge.

How do I ensure that the terminal keeps up with technology?

Cyberdon constantly updates its terminals with the latest patches and drivers for its software, ensuring that a customer will never experience blocked access to files or webpages due to outdated software. As well, Cyberdon refreshes its hardware every three years to ensure a fast safe and secure connection for a long time

How does a business employ Cyberdon's services?

For general inquiries, contact Cyberdon at:

p. 905.629.8842

e. info@cyberdon.com

w. www.cyberdon.com

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